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A Straight Play
Three women (two white, one latina) talk to each other around a table with a pink vibrator on it

In Colorado, 2003, newly married Kate joins a support group for married women, and finds it less than supportive.


Written by Natalia Knowlton Vásquez

Produced by Crossline Theatre

One-act play, 3 actors

A Straight Play is one of the three coming-of-age stories in Natalia Knowlton's Friday Night Love Poem, a full-length play about the journey to embracing female pleasure.

A Straight Play was recently published by Lazy Bee Scripts.

Presented by Crossline Theatre

Directed by Mariana Aristizábal



Kate - Gina Ruysen

Paula - Vanessa Labrie

Sarah - Amanda Vilanova

Production Team: ​

Stage manager - Sam Campbell

Set & costume designer - Malena Arcucci

Sound designer - Laura Iredale



"An important piece of theatre on consent and the unspoken realities of women and sex." ★★★★ The Only Culture Vulture

“Refreshing, comedic and highly empathetic take on the female sexual experience.” ★★★★ Theatre T

“The characters feel authentic and not ciphers bereft of depth.”  ★★★★ Breaking the Fourth Wall

Photography by Ali Wright.

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