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Production image of Escape Velocity. Natalia Knowlton wears a tight silver outfit, has her hands out in front her while she looks up.
A teenage girl lies on her back looking straight at the camera, holding a pink cat notebook. She is white, has red hair and wears pink jeans, pink sweater and headphones. She lies on a fluffy pink pillow

Friday Night Love Poem

"An important piece of theatre on consent and the unspoken realities of women and sex."

★★★★ The Only Culture Vulture


“Refreshing, comedic and highly empathetic take on the female sexual experience.”

★★★★ Theatre T


“The characters feel authentic and not ciphers bereft of depth.”

★★★★ Breaking the Fourth Wall

A red-haired young woman and a blonde-haired young woman stand in front of a blue-coloured brick wall. They hold a cream pie with a strawberry on it.

Cream Pie

"Confident, bold, and unassuming”

★★★★ LondonTheatre1


“Knowlton and Chamberlain have shown themselves to be fearless and imaginative, with their finger on the pulse of this social phenomenon. Without being didactic, CrossLine Theatre have shown through humour, flair and human experience the direct impact that erotica has on the development of the sexes and their relations with each other.” - Female Arts


"Watching their words play through and over the bodies of two young women in the theatre is the most moving part of the show. It feels like a slow kind of violence, the kind that cannot be seen but only felt for years to come." - the F word

"Exploring porn at its tackiest by using the stereotypes and cliches thriving in mainstream porn to analyse and hilariously critique inequality in the industry" - Dazed Magazine

Four young women in white dresses stand in front of a wall with graffiti art


“Buckle up and prepare for a whirlwind of scenes that will make you question your attitudes, beliefs, and even your own experiences.” – After the House Lights


“Impurities is daring, gritty, and totally in-your-face. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart – though the especially faint of heart would likely benefit from seeing it the most… If you like shows that are loud, edgy and politically-minded, then this show is definitely worth checking out.” – Flurt Magazine

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