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Chola Face

"I grew up listening to la Shakira
at school dancing la cueca
watching El Chavo del Ocho
eating ulpo for breakfast
Spanish is my mother tongue
I do mental math and dream en español.
and te amo means more than I love you / and concha tu madre / is better than fuck you"


She's put on a Chola Face and tonight's she'll be your hookup to Latin American culture on the dance floor. But what happens when a (real) Latina who's just moved from Mexico joins the party? Battle. Get ready for a reggeaton-style rap throwdown.



Written by Natalia Knowlton Vásquez

Short Play, 2 Actors

Chola Face premiered in April, 2014 as part of Undercurrent Theatre’s Escape Velocity Festival at the Azimuth Theatre.


Directed by Natalia Knowlton

Featuring Natalia Knowlton as Chola Face and Thais Polo as herself

Rap/Reggeaton Dramaturgy by Alastair Robertson​

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