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Cream Pie
A red-haired young woman and a blonde-haired young woman stand in front of a blue-coloured brick wall. They hold a cream pie with a strawberry on it.

"the natural became the unnatural

the human body,

depictions of love,

expressions of lust,

all became porn."

Cream Pie is an exploration into mainstream porn, porn consumption and the impact of internet porn. Cream Pie discusses how porn has impacted the lives, relationships and sexual education of the millennial generation.


Featuring stories taken from verbatim interviews intercut with parodies of porn scenes, Cream Pie provides a unique, poignant and comical insight into how the world of porn has affected the concept of sex for a whole generation.




Written & Performed by Natalia Knowlton Vásquez & Kara Chamberlain

Presented by Crossline Theatre​ 

One-Act Play, 2 Actors

Contributing Directors: Thomas Bailey, Charlotte Cooper, Carol Tagg and Paul Cree  

Cream Pie went on tour in 2015-2016 and it has been performed at Camden People’s Theatre (London), The Warren (Brighton Fringe), Theatre N16 (Balham), the Bike Shed Theatre (Exeter) and the Acorn Theatre (Penzance).



“Confident, bold, and unassuming” - ★★★★ LondonTheatre1


“Knowlton and Chamberlain have shown themselves to be fearless and imaginative, with their finger on the pulse of this social phenomenon. Without being didactic, CrossLine Theatre have shown through humour, flair and human experience the direct impact that erotica has on the development of the sexes and their relations with each other.” - Female Arts 


"Watching their words play through and over the bodies of two young women in the theatre is the most moving part of the show. It feels like a slow kind of violence, the kind that cannot be seen but only felt for years to come." - the F word    


"Entertainingly performed by Kara Chamberlain and Natalia Knowlton" - Exeunt Magazine    


"Exploring porn at its tackiest by using the stereotypes and cliches thriving in mainstream porn to analyse and hilariously critique inequality in the industry"  - Dazed Magazine

Image credit (c) James Cross

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