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Escape Velocity
Production image of Escape Velocity. Natalia Knowlton wears a tight silver outfit, has her hands out in front her while she looks up.

"The silence gets loud.

The silence gets loud.

The silence gets loud.


You are alone with your thoughts and the silence sounds louder than the loudest of noises.


I... I want.. I should... I need... I...

I think... I’d like...

I... I...




What happens to the body in space? What does it take to escape from another body’s gravitational pull? In the absence of gravity, tears don’t fall out of your eyes: they stick together and form a ball.


Escape Velocity is an exploration of gender-based violence in our communities. It was devised by the company based on lived experiences and in ongoing consultation with community members, including artists, activists, social workers, police officers, journalists, teachers, researchers, mothers, daughters, and more.


Created collectively by the ensemble of Undercurrent Theatre.

One-Act Play, 5 Actors


Escape Velocity was presented at the Azimuth Theatre in April, 2014 as part of Undercurrent Theatre’s Escape Velocity Festival.


Facilitated and directed by Nikki Shaffeeullah

Performed by Saima Butt, Neelam Chattoo, Aliya Jamal, Rebecca John, & Natalia Knowlton Vásquez

Stage management by Brooke Leifso

Set design by Athena Photinopoulos

Costume design by Sarah Jackson

Sound design by Rob Johnson

Lighting design by Amy Chow



“The performance doesn’t tell you what gender-based violence is, it just shows you situations and examples and leaves you to develop your own conclusion about them.” - After the House Lights


“Whether you’re used to seeing dance, more traditional theatre, or even spoken word performances, the show uses a variety of storytelling methods so that the message is accessible to a wide audience.” - After the House Lights

Photo by Girl Named Shirl

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