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A cluttered clothing and hat store

"But you can become one of us whenever you want. You dye your hair dark chocolate brown, and you’ve perfected your Spanish, you almost don’t have an accent. You’re almost one of us, but you’ve still got enough edge with your blue eyes that you can escape this shit hole whenever you want."

September of 1973 in Santiago, Chile - Sandra, an American exchange student majoring in Journalism, lives with Gabriela and her family. On the morning of September 11, there is a coup d'état in Santiago and Sandra and Gabriela’s university is under attack. Sandra and Gabriela are forced to hide together in a costume storage room while their friendship and Chile are in turmoil.



Written by Natalia Knowlton Vásquez

One-Act Play, 4 actors

Forastera was developed as part of the Citadel Theatre’s Young Playwriting Company.


A staged reading took place in 2014 and it was directed by Heather Inglis.

Cast: Alyson Dicey, Tatiana Duque Valencia, Nestor Avalos and Alejandro Moreno Ruiz​

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