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Four young women in white dresses stand in front of a wall with graffiti art

"These bodies are small but powerful seeds that can grow to great capacities when they are planted in the right kind of soil and are watered regularly.


But with too much sunlight, they outshine other things.


So they are yanked out of the earth and washed thoroughly.


They are each given a white dress to wear.


Since they’re taken out of their natural habitat, these poor things will wilt throughout their lifetime, naturally.


These three bodies will become three girls…"


In the story of Impurities, three girls are pressured into having sex, not having sex, or simply just sticking to blow jobs. Whether they oblige or rebel against these conflicting messages, something is still missing in their sex lives. Impurities explores the consequences that arise when our society fetishizes the notion of virginity.



Written by Natalia Knowlton Vásquez

Full-length Play, 7 Actors

Impurities premiered at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival 2013.


Directed by Natalia Knowlton

Stage managed & Assistant Directed by Lore Green


Cast: Kara Chamberlain, Terri Gingras, Jessica Watson, Noori Gill, Jemma Robinson, Lisa Jones and Thais Polo

Impurities was developed as part of the Young Playwriting Program at the Citadel Theatre, where the staged reading was held in June 2013. It was directed by Heather Inglis and the cast included: Bonnie Ings, Lauren Boyd, Eva Foote, Holly Cinnamon and Courtney Wutzke.



 “Buckle up and prepare for a whirlwind of scenes that will make you question your attitudes, beliefs, and even your own experiences.” – After the House Lights


 “Impurities is daring, gritty, and totally in-your-face. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart – though the especially faint of heart would likely benefit from seeing it the most… If you like shows that are loud, edgy and politically-minded, then this show is definitely worth checking out!” – Flurt Magazine

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