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Manhattan Memories
Black and white picture of a Manhattan building

"We are falling apart.


We are no longer strong pillars holding this relationship together.


When architects designed us, they said we would last forever."

Derek and Nicole began their love story in the exciting and eclectic New York City, just like in a classic Woody Allen film... or so they thought. As Manhattan falls apart after the September 11 attacks, so does this love story. In an attempt to escape from reality and deterioration, Derek and Nicole transport themselves to their best memories together in Manhattan. Their plan becomes more difficult as 9/11 takes over Manhattan’s identity and Derek’s and Nicole’s memories become more fragmented, circular, distorted, and uncertain.



Written by Natalia Knowlton Vásquez

One-Act Play, 2 Actors

Manhattan Memories premiered at Theatre Network’s Nextfest Festival in 2012.


Directed by Joel Crichton

Stage managed by Kerry Johnson

Set design by Samantha Sheplawy

Sound design by Kory Mathewson



Darren Steele as Derek

Lianna Makuch as Nicole

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