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Five dark-haired women of colour sit around a plant pot, running their fingers through soil. They sit on a set with a blue light.

Sifting, digging, burying; planting, seeding, uprooting. A group of five women from various pockets of time and space are brought together. In defying materiality and temporality, they uncover a sense of place.


(un)earthed investigates the nature of agency, power, and (second) chances.




Created collectively by the ensemble of Undercurrent Theatre.

One-Act Play, 5 Actors

(un)earthed premiered at the Arts-Based Research Studio, University of Alberta in 2013.


Facilitated and Directed by Nikki Shaffeeullah 

Stage Management by Emily St Aubin 


Featuring Saima Butt, Neelam Chattoo, Aliya Jamal, Rebecca John, and Natalia Knowlton​ Vásquez

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